There’s a cool new artisan market every weekend here in the Hudson Valley. It’s called Emporium Square Artisan Market, and it’s held every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM - 6PM at 128 Dolson Avenue in Middletown. It’s not a flea market. It’s a place where local vendors and artists can showcase their goods and sell them.

Are you a vendor or an artisan? If you are, and you’d like to be part of the Emporium Square Artisan Marketplace, but you’re not sure about a commitment, here’s an opportunity that might just be perfect for you. It’s only $50 a day, and you get to show and sell your goods to everybody that comes through the marketplace that day. That's a really good deal.

The Emporium Square Marketplace was actually started a few months ago during the pandemic in an effort to help provide a home for local businesses in Orange County that were closing their doors. Since then it has not only helped those businesses, it’s flourished as a favorite weekend destination in the Hudson Valley.

I must admit, I haven’t made my way out to Middletown yet to check it out, but I have talked to several people who have. I’m hearing some great things about the venue and the vendors. And you could be one of those vendors right now for a really great price. If you’re interested in the $50 a day pop up deal at Emporium Square, and if you’d like to learn more about the marketplace, visit the Emporium Square Artisan Marketplace website.

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