Guests visiting LEGOLAND New York have reported a surprising side effect after visiting the new theme park in Goshen.

Currently in previews, LEGOLAND New York is receiving rave reviews from guests who have been flocking to Orange County to be among the first to experience the world's largest LEGO-themed amusement park. While the park is not yet fully complete, many rides, attractions and dining options are up and running, allowing visitors to experience what LEGOLAND New York will be like after its official ribbon-cutting this summer.

Among the photos and reviews being posted to social media from families who have visited LEGOLAND are scattered reports of a strange side effect. Some claim to have experienced unexplained "bright green poop" within a day or two after their visit.

This reporter can confirm the shocking phenomenon, as it has happened to our family not once, but twice. Two days after our first visit to LEGOLAND New York I was taken aback by the extremely bright green color. At first, I didn't connect it with our trip to the theme park and started to become concerned, wondering what could cause a reaction like this. Then it hit me -- it must have been the ice cream!

The food at LEGOLAND New York is simply amazing. Upon our first visit, we were expecting stereotypical "theme park food," but were blown away by the delicious menu items offered throughout the park. One of my favorites is an apple-flavored soft ice cream that is unlike anything I've ever eaten before.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Available right now at just two locations within the theme park, the ice cream isn't tart like a sour apple, but is instead a sweet and pleasant blend of apple and vanilla; kind of like a cold apple pie. The dessert is available in either a cone or dish and is a very bright shade of green.

The brilliantly colored frozen treat is being blamed by some guests for the peculiar "green poop" phenomenon, which would make sense since it's the kind of treat that turns your tongue, lips and entire mouth green for hours after eating it. In the name of science, I decided to do my own experiment and find out if this really was the cause. On my second visit to the park I ordered another dish of apple ice cream and made sure to finish it all. Now, 48 hours later, I can officially confirm that the green poop has indeed returned.

In 2015 a similar issue occurred with the Halloween Whopper from Burger King. The menu item became a viral sensation after customers discovered the food dye used to color the limited-edition burger's black bun was turning their poop a bright shade of green.

The good news is that the side effect from brightly colored green food is perfectly harmless and usually disappears after a day or so. I like to think of it as a kind of bonus souvenir that will remind you of your trip to the park days after your visit.

If you're interested in doing your own experiment, the green apple ice cream is currently available at Wizard's Frozen Wonders near LEGO Castle and the popular Granny's Apple Fries stand in LEGO City.

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