After the Internet exploded with reports of the new Halloween Whopper turning people's poop a nasty green color, we decided to flush out the story and dig deep to discover if the rumors were true, or just a load of green crap.

We started our scientific experiment by gathering four staff members, and Whopper fans, who agreed to eat the new Burger King Halloween Whopper for lunch. They were then asked to report on any color irregularities the next morning. After eating the limited-time burger, three out of four guinea pigs reported that the Whopper was not very pleasant to eat. The major complaint was that the A-1 Steak Sauce added a strange tang that took away from the usually enjoyable Whopper eating experience.

Three out of four taste-testers also reported of stomach aches and indigestion in the hours after eating the Halloween Whopper. Of course, we're not sure if that's a result of ingesting the burger or a mind trick from looking at that off-putting black bun and thinking about what may or may not happen the next morning after all of that food coloring makes its way through the digestive tract.

Paint Swatches
A. Boris

Because good taste and common decency won't allow us to post photos of our poop, we decided to report on the color by referring to paint swatches picked up at the Home Depot. Our guinea pigs were tasked with matching up the color of their stool to the corresponding color on the paint chips.

Two out of four test subjects were able to poop by the next morning and share the shocking results below. We will update this story after the other two have completed a full Whopper cycle.

We want to know what you think. Have you tried the new Halloween Whopper? If so, did your results match ours?