Some big news may be announced soon that will make Hudson Valley travelers jump for joy.

Like many other small airports across the country, Stewart International Airport has seen the termination of many flights in and out of the Hudson Valley over the past few years. some cancelations have been a direct result of the global pandemic. Aside from a handful of flights to Florida and a connection to Philadelphia, Stewart's list of flights is pretty sparse right now.

To the disappointment of many Hudson Valley travelers who are itching to get out and explore, the "international airport" no longer has direct flights to Europe like it once did. But now that may be changing soon, thanks to some information that leaked out this week.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to, paperwork filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation has revealed three new routes that may be coming soon from a new budget airline. Official requests have been submitted by Norse Atlantic for permission to add the international flights by the summer of 2022.

Norse Atlantic is currently seeking permission to fly from the United States. The low-budget airline is hoping to gain approval in November. Requesting approval for the three planned routes is part of that process.

Among the routes is a direct flight between Oslo, Norway and Stewart International Airpot. This would be the first direct flight to Europe from Stewart since the departure of Norwegian Air in 2019.

There is currently some opposition to granting Norse Atlantic a license to operate in the United States from some politicians because of the airline's "flag of convenience" filing. The Norwegian air carrier has registered itself in Ireland instead of its home country, allegedly attempting to avoid Norway’s strong labor protections. The Biden administration is being pressured by some to deny the license.

This is not expected to hold up the airline, as many other carriers also register themselves in other countries for various reasons. However, it's something for Hudson Valley travelers to watch closely as they wait patiently for the chance to fly direct routes to Europe from close to home.

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