Imagine you're on a cross country flight and hear an announcement that the plane has to make an emergency landing? Now imagine it's because someone didn't want to wait to use the coach bathroom.

The NY Post says the Alaska Airlines flight out of JFK made an emergency landing in Kansas City Thursday afternoon after the angry passenger threatened to storm the cockpit. According to CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave, the passenger wasn't allowed to use the first- class bathroom and made a "verbal threat to do harm to the plane”. There is no direct word what he exactly threatened to do.

It appears the bathrooms in coach were full. CBS says the man was restrained until the Los Angeles bound flight landed. The man was then arrested by local police.


There are still many unanswered questions concerning this incident. Was the man simply  being petty, or did he really have a dire emergency that needed to be taken care of? Was the bathroom in coach occupied by someone for over an hour? Should the Alaska Airlines crew have just let him use the first-class bathroom even though he wasn't flying first-class?

Fortunately, there is currently no indication the man had an accident, for the thought of dropping bombs midair gets many people understandably anxious. The FAA continues its investigation into the matter.

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