Jeep owners will unite for all-day event in Poughkeepsie.

A unique event is coming to the area for jeep owners to gather and celebrate their love for the popular sport utility vehicles. Whether you own a Jeep, or just love Jeeps, this event is for you!

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I've always been a fan of the Jeep. In fact, I kinda always wanted a Jeep Wrangler honestly, and perhaps one day I will own one. I know a lot of Jeep fans that just love their ride.

Its said that True Jeep lovers buy the their vehicles because they love a good rush of adrenaline. They're the kind of owners who don't worry about some mud here or a scratch there. They drive Jeeps because no other vehicle on the market is capable of delivering comparable off-road performance.

What is Jeep Ducking?

Jeep ducking is a movement that involves random acts of kindness and is a way of bringing together Jeep enthusiasts from different walks of life. At the heart of the Jeep ducks phenomenon is a desire to put a smile on someone's face. Jeep owners leave rubber duckies on other Jeeps to surprise the owner. It's an inside joke and a random act of kindness among fans of this beloved auto brand.

Lia Gatanis Facebook
Lia Gatanis Facebook
Juan Murphy's
Juan Murphy's

Jeep Day Event at Juan Murphy's in Poughkeepsie

While there is an actual National Jeep Day we found out, which takes place annually in April, Juan Murphy's in Poughkeepsie has put together a big "Jeep Day" event that is set to kick off the month of June at the popular Poughkeepsie bar/restaurant.

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The first ever Jeep Event at Juan Murphy's will be on Saturday, June 1 from 2-6pm will feature live music, ducks and more! Great food and drinks, live music with Bianca Carano and Heather Colvin, with DJ JayBeats hosting. There will also be vendors including OhTheLittleThingsCo and Sugar Kane's Bakery plus the NY Army National Guard will be on hand with raffles from local area businesses. Follow Juan Murphy's on Facebook. Juan Murphy's is located at 796 Main St, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Ducking Jeeps Is a Thing; Here Is What It Looks Like

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