Just how cold is it in the Hudson Valley this week? Pretty damn cold.

This morning, temperatures in Dutchess, Orange and Ulster were all in the mid-teens. Compared to Tuesday's single-digit temperatures in some areas it should feel warmer, but the chilly air is almost unbearable. While it may slightly warm up over the next day or so, expect temperatures to plummet again this weekend, dipping into the single digits on Friday and Saturday night.

All of this cold weather may have you thinking how terrible it would be to live up north, where it's always this cold. Well, it turns out that they're actually warmer in Alaska than we are right here in Poughkeepsie.

On Wednesday morning at 9am, Poughkeepsie was holding steady at 18 degrees. At the same time in Anchorage, Alaska the temperature was a full ten degrees higher. What makes the difference even crazier is that Poughkeepsie was in full sun at the time. The Anchorage time zone is four hours behind New York, so Alaskans were enjoying that balmy 28 degrees while it was still dark out.

In fact, it's so cold in Poughkeepsie that frozen leaves were creating cool ice designs

The cold temperatures will continue for now. On Saturday the high in Poughkeepsie is expected to be 15 degrees, while those in Alaska will be enjoying temperatures above the freezing mark. If you don't think that sounds fair, don't worry. Things are expected to even out next week.

Before you pack your bags and decide to move to Alaska, you should know that Anchorage will be back in the teens on Monday while the Hudson Valley normalizes back to high temperatures in the 30s.

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