It's been the brunt of jokes for years. People love to poke fun at New Jersey. Comedians, television shows, whatever. The Garden State has a reputation, and it isn't always the best. But is it fair? Every state has its good and bad points, right? But is New Jersey really the most hated state in the U.S.? And if so, what does New York think about them? What do other states think about us?

Well, we have another study using some complex metrics that hardly anyone can understand, and the numbers don't seem to add up for our neighbors to the west. BestLife Magazine through together a study, and they got their numbers by taking the amount of people who have moved out of a state, along with a Gallup poll, that asked residents how much state pride they have, and the findings of an Instagram survey.

BestLife then took the amount of comments residents of other states threw at certain areas, and they came up with their Hatred Index. According to them, New Jersey was the most hated state in the country.

Of course, these lists are always subjective. If these so-called numbers say New Jersey is hated, this other study claims that they're the happiest amongst the country. They were also named most attractive state the nation recently, so it's a matter of opinion. After all, New York and the Hudson Valley haven't always done so well when it comes to some of these studies. Are we really that miserable? Maybe, maybe not.

So, where is New York on this survey? Just outside the top ten, at 11. And it may come as no surprise, but the state that hates New York the most is Massachusetts. As far as other neighboring states go; Pennsylvania was 20th, Connecticut 22nd, and our friendly neighbors in Massachusetts were 25th. Here's the top (or, maybe bottom 5):

  1. New Jersey
  2. Texas
  3. California
  4. Oklahoma 
  5. Florida 

The least hated ,according this study? Idaho. Well, what do you know?

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