We've seen the various reports from various publications over the years. America's least desirable places to live. That's a pretty bad label.

Often, these reports will weigh job abundance, unemployment, crime, taxes, and bad weather as factors to come to their conclusions. Sometimes, places like Poughkeepsie or Newburgh haven't done so well. Is it entirely fair though? 

Well, now Business Insider has published its own list, and good news - no cities in the Hudson Valley made the top tier of the list. Residents in New Jersey though might not be quite so happy. BI's report took data from 1,000 cities, using factors like median household incomes, employment, healthcare and commute. The worst places?

  1. Gary, IN
  2. Port Arthur, TX
  3. Detroit, MI
  4. Passiac, NJ
  5. Newark, NJ

The Garden State did not do very well, as Paterson (19), Trenton (17), Union City (15), and New Brunswick (11), all ranked in the Top 50 for overall unhappiness.

New York state's highest entry on the report is Binghamton at 67. New York City was 73. Hempstead 82. The closest to the Hudson Valley we got was Mount Vernon, which came in at 143. of course, Mount Vernon is more a suburb of New York City than it has anything to do with the HV.

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