The Hudson Valley is no stranger to celebrities these days. There are so many movies and television shows being filmed here that it’s not unusual to encounter a famous face while dining in your favorite restaurant or shopping in your favorite store. But the Walkway Over the Hudson has booked one of the biggest celebrities of all time to kick off the holidays. Yes, I’m talking about Mr. Claus himself. In the flesh.

Santa Claus will arrive at the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park at the Ulster Welcome Center on Sunday, Nov. 28 at 11AM, and he’ll be hanging out until 3PM. Bring your kids, your dogs, and the whole family for this great photo opportunity with Santa. Anna, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen will also be on hand for fun holiday photos. It’s a child’s dream come true, and you’ll have the pictures to prove it.

Did you say that you’ve never been to the Walkway Over the Hudson? Well, this would be a great time for you and your family to check it out. The Walkway has some of the best views in the Hudson Valley, it’s a healthy and easy walk that will help burn some of those Thanksgiving calories, and Santa’s appearance on Nov. 28 makes it even better.

If you’re looking for the perfect ending to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the perfect kick off to the upcoming holiday season, this is it. To find out about more events on the Walkway Over the Hudson, or to learn about volunteering opportunities, visit the Walkway website.

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