You may have noticed something going on earlier this week in Liberty. Looks like the Sullivan County town is once again the backdrop for feature length film.

An independent film crew has been shooting scenes for a new movie about an military veteran who returns from Syria after is wife is killed in a crash. The veteran's son survives the crash, but suffers PTSD symptoms which somehow gives him clairvoyant insight about the disappearance of a local girl.

Sounds interesting.

The film's working title is The Awakening, and should be released by late 2017/early 2018, according to the Times Herald. 

Producer Michael Goodin said they picked Liberty because:

With all of the infrastructure that shooting a film requires, we needed to be in close proximity to New York City, to have access to actors and so forth. And the New York state film tax credit was a huge incentive to film here. The cooperation we got from the governor’s office was instrumental, and the level of local support we’ve received is absolutely exceptional. This is definitely the most film-friendly county I’ve seen.

Writer and director Jason Noto said the area reminded him of Shamokin, Pennsylvania - a place where he would visit family when he was young.

Liberty was also where David Cross's movie Hits was shot. It was released in ealry 2015.