Dramatic cellphone video shows a Poughkeepsie woman buried by collapsed buildings struggling to free herself.

The footage obtained by ABC News in New York shows Rotanya Hargrove attempting to digging herself out of the bricks and rubble while waiting for emergency personnel to respond after a building collapsed in the City of Poughkeepsie on Monday afternoon.

Reporting from the area near Academy and Cannon, which is still labeled as an "unsafe zone," ABC News showed the video of Hargrove pinned under debris, using a pole to free herself. An eyewitness described the scene saying "She had a stick in there... she was fighting, she was really fighting."

Of course, first responders arrived soon after the video was shot and worked through the afternoon to free Hargrove. While recovering from her injuries the 43 year old Poughkeepsie woman asked to speak with one of the firefighters that helped her through the ordeal.

We were on the street getting reaction from other eyewitnesses who watched in disbelief as the buildings fell to the ground on Monday: