Those of us that have been around the Hudson Valley for a while, especially the Ulster County area, remember the Little Bear Restaurant in Woodstock. I remember going to the Little Bear for the first time in the 1980s. My friend Keith took me there and made me try the cold sesame noodles. They were delicious, as was the rest of the meal.

I was able to enjoy the Little Bear a few times after that. It was such a great little place in one of the most beautiful settings ever. I remember sitting creekside during that first meal there. I was really mesmerized by the beauty of the creek. And let’s face it, Woodstock is an awesome town to visit.

Fast forward a few decades, last year we heard that the Little Bear would be closing their doors. It was sad, but there were rumors that the new owners of the Bearsville Complex had plans to reinvent and reopen the restaurant. Yay! There would be creekside dining in that beautiful spot once again. That was great news to hear.

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Well, the new owners came through, and they’ve just opened The Bear, which looks absolutely beautiful. And the menu looks amazing too. Just a few of my favorites on the menu include roasted Brussels sprouts, French onion soup, crispy calamari, pan-seared trout, and some tasty-looking cocktails. Yum! Great food in a beautiful new restaurant that holds onto its iconic history. Can’t wait to try it next time I'm in the Woodstock area!

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