While the rest of the state is celebrating the milestone of a 70% vaccination rate, three Mid-Hudson Valley towns are lagging very far behind, with one community at the very bottom of the list.

On Monday Governor Cuomo announced that the state will be racing out directly to communities that are falling short of New York's vaccination goals. The governor's office released a list of the least vaccinated zip codes in the state and unfortunately, three of the top five are located right here in the Hudson Valley.

According to the CDC, the vaccination rate in all of New York state is now at 70%, which is the goal that was set by President Biden months ago. At the time, the president pushed for the entire country to reach a 70% vaccination rate among adults by the Fourth of July. This, the administration said, would allow the country to return to normal over the summer and fully open businesses, entertainment venues and once again allow for mass gatherings.

New York joins a growing number of states who have reached that goal ahead of schedule. While it's not expected that the entire country will reach 70% by the Fourth of July, statistics show that we could be there by the end of summer.

While there is cause to celebrate now that New York has reached its vaccination goal, it may be a bit premature to pat ourselves on the backs here in the Mid-Hudson Valley. The region currently has three of the bottom five zip codes in a list of the least vaccinated communities in the state.

Monsey in Rockland County is number one on the list with a dismal 17.8% of adult residents having received a vaccine. The Orange County town of Monroe is number three with 27.9% followed by Spring Valley, which closes out the top five at 29.3%.

Currently, Ulster County has surpassed the state's goal with 71.1% of adults with at least one vaccine dose. Dutchess County sits at an average of 66.1%, Orange is only at 59.6% and Sullivan County is last on the list at 57.1%.

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