The rollercoaster weather continues in the Hudson Valley this week as spring-like weather is expected to arrive before another plunge into freezing temperatures.

It's a confusing time to live in the Hudson Valley. One day the snow is melting and the daffodils are starting to grow and the next day we're back below freezing and canceling school for black ice. On Monday, the bright sunlight was certainly deceiving. Thinking that the weather had warmed up, I stepped outside without a coat to get the mail only to be greeted with bone-chilling cold.

This week, we'll see some more wild temperature swings that you'll want to prepare for to make sure you don't get caught being over or underdressed for the weather.

On Tuesday, the Hudson Valley woke up to temperatures in the single digits. The frigid cold isn't expected to get above freezing until at least Wednesday afternoon when the thermometer will top out in the mid-40s. But on Thursday, things will begin to change quite a bit.

Meteorologists are predicting a high temperature of 60 degrees on Thursday. While there isn't expected to be a lot of sun, the unseasonably warm weather will certainly melt most of the ice and snow that's been leftover from the surprise Super Bowl storm.

The meltdown will continue overnight as temperatures remain above freezing before climbing up to the mid-50s on Friday. The warmup, however, will end abruptly as the weekend rolls in, plunging back into the teens overnight into Saturday.

By the weekend, normal February temperatures are expected to return, dropping the Hudson Valley back down into the 40s through the weekend before rebounding into the mid to upper 50s to kick off the beginning of the workweek.

More fluctuations in weather are expected over the next month, but the good news is that spring will be here soon turning those frigid Hudson Valley mornings into nothing more than a distant memory.

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