8/11/17 4:35pm - This story has been edited after ShopRite reached out to us to clarify some details within the article.

Pretty soon you may be able to add whiskey to your weekly shopping list.

Workers in red vests are greeting customers outside ShopRite in Poughkeepsie, asking them to sign a petition that would allow the sale of hard alcohol on the premises. On Friday the representatives, who ShopRite says are not affiliated with their company, were standing at the entrance to the Route 9 supermarket collecting signatures that they say are necessary to get liquor sales moving.

According to a ShopRite spokesperson, the supermarket chain will be subleasing a portion of their store to the liquor store. A section inside the existing ShopRite will sell wine and hard alcohol. Contrary to what we were told at the store, the spokesperson says details are still being worked out as to exactly where the liquor store will be located inside the supermarket. She also explained that the signatures being collected are to help obtain a brand new liquor license for the subleased section of the store, not to add on to ShopRite's existing license, as was explained to us by the worker at the door.

The signature gatherer at the store did tell us, however, that if all goes according to plan, liquor sales are expected to begin in December.

A. Boris
A. Boris

A website has already been created for the new liquor store inside ShopRite called "My Wine and Spirits." It boasts that there will be "over 6,000 wine and spirits to choose from (and) wines from over 40 counties."

The site also says that tastings and samples will be given out from Thursday through Saturday. I don't know about you, but I think food shopping is about to get a whole lot more enjoyable.

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