With the seasons changing, you might be looking to explore some new options when dining out. There's always a lot to consider when trying someplace you've never been to. However, the New York Times has released its annual Restaurant List, which rates the top 50 restaurants across the country.

Obviously, New York City was well represented like they often are, placing five restaurants on 2022's best places to eat list. There was one lone restaurant representing the Hudson Valley, according to the Times.


Of course, lists like these from many of the various publications are often subjective. Earlier in 2022, Wine Spectator released its Restaurant Awards, which included eight different locations across the Hudson Valley.

Other spots, such as Rossi'sMexicali BlueVinnie's Deli and Pasta, Schatzi's, and The Noble Pig have all received national recognition for their food.

Hudson Valley Restaurant is One of America's Best

According to The New York TimesCafe Mutton in Hudson is one of the top 50 places to eat in the country. Their website describes the restaurant as "a small neighborhood restaurant on a sunny corner in Hudson, New York". They describe their food as "simple", and that they "really like meat and vegetables". Their menus say that it changes by season, so you're going to get a wide variety. 

A Food Delivery Story

In other food-related news, DoorDash is the largest food delivery company in the United States. The California-based operation runs an online food ordering and food delivery platform, that has grown tremendously in the past few years, especially during the months of COVID lockdowns.

Now, customers in the Hudson Valley and all over New York can have their dinner sent to their door with the push of a few buttons on their phones.


However, one customer was left a bit hungry after he claims his delivery driver took it upon himself and ate his entire order.

Delivery Guy Eats Customer's Order 

The jilted customer shared their account on TikTok and has since garnered over one hundred thousand views on social media. The user explained that they ordered a box of chicken wings from Wingstop, but was greatly disappointed to find nothing but a discarded pile of chicken bones when their delivery showed up.

The TikTok user says the driver even left a backhanded "thank you" note with the empty box.

I’m sorry I 8 cho food. I’m broke n hungry. Consider it like ur payin it 4ward. I’m quitting this lame ass job n e way. B blessed.

PIX 11 says the customer confirmed to Nexstar that they contacted DoorDash and got their refund. DoorDash said they were looking into the matter, though no one knows the whereabouts of this driver with an uncontrollable appetite.

What To if You Get the Wrong DoorDash Order

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Mistakes can happen. But what if you didn't order from DoorDash and someone else's order shows up anyway? Read HERE.

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