A Hudson Valley deli owner is getting national attention for a sandwich that happens to be a celebrity chef's "Guilty Pleasure."

The Food Network sent a camera crew to the Hudson Valley in order to shoot footage for an upcoming episode of "Guilty Pleasures." The show, now in it's third season, asks television chefs and celebrities to reveal their favorite foods from around the country. When Food Network star, Nancy Fuller, appeared on the show, she chose to showcase the Steak Margarita from Vinny's Deli in Pawling. Producers traveled to Duchess County in November to film Vinny and his sandwich for an episode that will be airing this year.

Vinnie Lamorte. the deli's owner, was kind enough to whip up a Steak Margarita and explain to us why it's so special.

Appearing on "Guilty Pleasures" isn't Vinny's television debut. The deli owner has also appeared on episodes of Daryl's House. Vinny's Deli is located near Daryl Hall's music venue in Pawling and has become a favorite of the musician and his crew. Chef Nancy Fuller, who chose the Steak Margarita as her own guilty pleasure, also previously visited Vinny's Deli during an episode of her show "Farmhouse Rules." Fuller picked up some of Vinny's famous homemade mozzarella.

Facebook/Vinny's Deli & Pasta
Facebook/Vinny's Deli & Pasta

Locals who want to try out the Steak Margarita may want to visit Vinny's Deli on Main Street in Pawling before his episode of "Guilty Pleasures" airs. Once word gets out about this hidden gem, tourists from outside the Hudson Valley will surely be making the pilgrimage to sample this unique combination of cheese steak and margarita pizza.

If you happen to stop in to Vinny's, we'd love to hear what you thought of the sandwich. And be sure to tell him that Boris & Robyn said hello.