Has this ever happened to anyone else?

In today's world, you can just about order anything for delivery right from the palm of your hand. From groceries to medication, just about everything can show up at your front door, as long as you give them the right address and the person making the delivery can find your house or apartment.

Some Addresses are Hard to Find

Delivery apps like Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub can bring just about anything to your house, and most of us have used one of them a couple of times but has anyone ever ordered something and it never showed up? What about having someone else's order show up at your house?

I ask because just last night after taking my dog Smalls for his last walk of the day, we came back to my apartment to find a Door Dash order waiting for us. The issue is I didn't order anything!


Here's What Happened

It was around 8:30 p.m. and after walking around my apartment complex in Poughkeepsie for about 15 minutes, I got back to my apartment and there was a bag of food waiting for me. The bag pictured above was from Dunkin' and at first, I thought maybe someone sent me a surprise!

So I took it inside, looked at the receipt, and realized that this was definitely not for me. The receipt said it was a small iced french vanilla coffee and six donuts.

Anyone who would send me a surprise already knows that I'm not a flavored coffee fan so this is definitely not for me. So I looked at the receipt again to see if it had an address or a name on it so I could deliver it to whoever ordered it. There wasn't any info on it so I took the bag and put it back outside so whoever ordered it could see that it was left at the wrong address.

Two Hours Later...

The bag was still out there!! Not sure what to do, I took it back inside because I didn't want any animal to tear it apart and struggled with whether or not I should just throw it away or not? There was the coffee which I'm wont drink, BUT there were 6 donuts too, do I dare eat a few?


Should I Eat Them?

What would you do in this situation, eat or throw away? I decided not to eat them, for now, because they are still on the counter at my house and will be waiting for me when I get home so I'm looking for some guidance...LOL! I do feel bad for whoever spent $18 for a small coffee and six donuts and never got them but should I eat them?

Has something like this ever happened to you? How did you handle it? Call or text me through the station app.

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