A Hudson Valley manufacturing plant that just expanded its production line in 2019 is now cutting a third of its workforce.

Hundreds of local workers have already found themselves out of work this year thanks to several layoff announcements. In February, Urnex announced that it would be eliminating 84 jobs and relocating its plant in Elmsford. Later that month, another 100 workers were laid off by Zena Delivery & Logistics in New Windsor after the Amazon partner failed to secure insurance.

In March, Elementis SRL laid off a dozen employees from its sites in Middletown and Hugenot, New York after relocating and consolidating. A month later, Wineshipping.com announced 54 layoffs in anticipation of relocating its Middletown plant on Route 6 at the end of June.

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New Layoffs Announced in Middletown, New York

This week, Frito-Lay announced it will lay off a third of the workforce at its PopCorners plant in Middletown, New York. In 2019, the company announced a $3.5 million expansion that would add two new production lines at its facility at 79 Industrial Place. At the time, the company said the expansion was necessary to keep up with demand.

Soon after the expansion was announced, BFY Brands, which owned the PopCorners brand, was acquired by PepsiCo. As a result of the sale, the snack food was added to the company's Northeast Frito-Lay division along with Doritos, Sun Chips and Lay's.

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According to paperwork filed by Frito-Lay this week, 88 manufacturing workers were notified on Wednesday that they would be laid off. The site employs 305 local workers, meaning the layoffs would affect approximately one-third of the entire plant. The announced firings will take effect starting on August 30.

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