A Hudson Valley Home Depot worker was arrested after police say she helped a customer rip off the company.

Home Depot locations throughout the Hudson Valley have become a target for thieves as of late. Just a few weeks ago, a Monticello woman was nabbed by police for allegedly stealing a chainsaw from the home improvement store in Sullivan County. Another incident took place during the holidays at the Fishkill Home Depot. In that case, a concerned citizen spotted someone stealing from the store and apprehended them in the parking lot.

While both of those incidents involved customers allegedly ripping off the store, authorities say the latest Home Depot theft was an inside job.

New York State Police arrested Nikeisha Grant on Sunday afternoon. The Washingtonville woman was taken into custody at approximately 3:30 pm after troopers say they learned of a scheme to steal from Home Depot.


Grant was employed at the Home Depot located in Harriman Commons on Larkin Drive in Monroe. That's where state police say she helped a customer get away with over $1,200 worth of items. According to an investigation by the store's asset protection team, Grant was making fraudulent transactions on behalf of a single individual. For the past two months, the 45-year-old Orange County woman would allegedly "fail to scan" certain items for the customer. She's also accused of voiding previous transactions, allowing the customer to essentially keep them without having to pay.

Because the total of the fraudulent charges exceeded $1,200, Grant has been charged with two felonies: Falsification of Business Records in the first degree and Grand Larceny in the fourth degree. She's been issued a ticket to appear at the Town of Monroe Court later this month.

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