A pack of Hudson Valley goats is coming home early after being let go from their summer job in the big city.

We told you last month that a herd of goats from Rhinebeck would be spending the summer in New York City. The goats were hired to work in Riverside Park, but now they're headed home earlier than expected.

The goats were hired to clear out invasive plants that have taken over the city park. The weeds are located in a section of the Riverside Park that's difficult for workers to access. The hungry goats can reach the plants easier than humans or machines, so they're brought in to clear the area of weeds.

Well, it turns out the goats were a little too good at their job. According to the West Side Rag, the goats were so hungry that they mowed through all of the plants between 119th street and 125th street. With no more weeds to eat, the goats were let go early and are now headed back to their home in Rhinebeck. The Riverside Park Conservatory says that the goats will return in a month or so, presumably when enough of the weeds have grown back for them to graze on.

This only proves that you shouldn't invite someone from the Hudson Valley to an all-you-can-eat buffet unless you really plan on actually providing all we can eat.

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