Any moment now, a Hudson Valley goat will be giving birth in front of the whole world.

Everyone remembers the madness surrounding April the Giraffe's pregnancy last year. Fans of the Upstate New York animal were glued to their computers, waiting for the Giraffe to give birth. After announcing that April was close to having a baby, it took two long months for the event to finally take place.

A. Boris
A. Boris

A pregnant New Windsor goat promises that won't happen to her.

Speckles the goat is VERY pregnant, and ready for her close up. The farm animal is currently residing at Devitt's Nursery & Supply on Route 32. Yes, the same Devitt's that is home to Eggbert, the Christmas egg.

As a part of this year's Christmas village, Speckles is greeting kids in the farm animal tent as they make their way through the village to chat with Eggbert. Observant children have noticed that Speckles is a bit larger than most goats. That's because she's ready to give birth.

During a visit to Devitt's this weekend, I noticed that Speckles looked extremely pregnant. After speaking with Eggbert's personal assistants, it was confirmed that Speckles is very close to giving birth. Devitt's owners are hopeful that the blessed event happens sooner than later. Last year's pregnant goat wound up giving birth on Christmas Eve.

If you'd like to see Speckles in person you can find out when Eggbert's Christmas Village is open before Christmas at Devitt's website.