It's really cool when the Hudson Valley appears on TV or in movies, but even cooler when it's a show that you're completely obsessed with.

I'm a huge fan of Jon Glaser Loves Gear. It's a series that's off the radar for many people, but one that you definitely need to check out if you're into really offbeat comedy.

The show centers around comedian Jon Glaser, who plays a warped version of himself while hosting a show about sports gear. The show-within-a-show follows Glaser as he tries to introduce the audience to cool shoes, helmets and jackets with pit-zips, while his personal life falls apart. The episodes wind up being less about the sports gear and more about the awkward situations Glasier always seems to find himself in.

'Jon Glaser Loves Gear' Screening and Premier Party
Getty Images for Turner

On this Monday's episode, Glaser took a road trip to the Hudson Valley with his real family, who insists on blurring their faces from the camera (as opposed to his "on-screen family" who are paid actors that pretend to love and adore him). The episode was filmed at the Thunder Ridge Ski Area in Patterson. During their trip to the area, Glaser channeled his inner Jack Nicholson, accusing his son of being satan and, well things go off the rails from there.

According to an Instagram post by Glaser, a crew member was actually pulled over by local police after forgetting to take the fake license plate off of a car used in the filming of the episode. The fact that the plate reads "PIT ZIPS" was probably a dead giveaway.

If you'd like to check out the episode, you can stream seasons one and two of Jon Glaser Loves Gear on TRUTV's website.