The Hudson Valley has become a premiere location for brewing and distilling over the last couple of years and there's one exciting event where you get a chance to get a taste of the best!

This annual tasting event has become a favorite among Hudson Valley locals and visitors, but this year, there's a new twist!

Hudson Valley Ciders, Seltzers, and Spirits Festival

This annual tasting event has leveled up for 2024 by introducing a whole new category of drinks available for tasting.

The Ciders, Seltzers, and Spirits Festival is returning to Barton Orchards in Poughquag for this year's celebration. But, the new twist is that you'll now be able to taste canned cocktails and spirits on top of the great selection of annual ciders and seltzers.

Here is a taste of some brands that you can expect to see featured at this year's event:

Ciders, Seltzers, and Spirits Festival

Here's a preview of a couple of the beverages you'll be able to taste at this year's ciders, seltzers, and spirits festival!

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers

Beyond that, some other brands you'll  be able to taste at this year's Ciders, Seltzers, and Spirits festival include:

  • 1911 Hard Cider
  • Kopparberg

  • War Cannon Spirits
  • Forthright Cyder & Mead
  • Frog Alley Brewing
  • Barrelhouse 6 Distillery
  • Freefall Sangria
  • Happy Dad Hard Seltzer
  • Schoefferhofer
  • Rekorderlig Hard Cider
  • Woodchuck Hard Cider
  • Mighty Swell Hard Cider

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  • Artic Chill Hard Seltzer
  • Noble Oak Whiskey
  • Cycling Frog
  • Awestruck Hard Cider
  • Ace Premium Hard Cider

And that's not even everything! You'll be able to choose from over 85 different varieties at the festival!

Tickets for Hudson Valley Ciders, Seltzers, and Spirits Festival

The festival will be held at Barton Orchards in Pouquagh on Saturday, June 1st. The event runs from 2pm - 6pm.

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You can purchase your tickets for the festival through the website HERE.

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