Who doesn't love a brewery day in the Hudson Valley?

Whether you're grabbing a group of friends for the day, or spending an intimate afternoon out, breweries have become a staple in the day trip itinerary for many tourists and locals alike.

New York is a growing superstar of the brewing scene and the Hudson Valley is at the focal point of it all. We reported back in January that one New York State brewery was recently crowned as having one of the Best Beers in the World.

You can read more about that Albany-brewed icon here: Worldwide News Agency Names a New York State Beer as One of the Best in the World

Breweries with the Best Food in the Hudson Valley

When planning your trip to visit these esteemed breweries, it can be hard to figure out which stops to make. It helps to break down what exactly you're looking for.

If you're both a foodie and beer-lover, you'll probably want to hone your list down to breweries that serve some good eats. And there's no shortage of that in the area. A couple of quick favorites include Mill House Brewing in Poughkeepsie and Equilibrium Brewery in Middletown.

Mill House almost feels more like a restaurant when you first pull up, and rightfully so. Their food menu is massive and extremely delicious. But don't worry, their beer options live up to the success of their food.

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Equilibrium Brewing in Middletown not only has a fascinating backstory, but they created a Bonfire Food Program that includes some of the tastiest and most creative BBQ dishes around.

You can find more great breweries with delicious food here: 6 Hudson Valley Breweries That Easily Have the Best Food

Breweries with the Best Views

If you're less focused on food and more focused on top-notch beer with a gorgeous view to admire, here are 9 options that won't disappoint:

Where to Grab a Brew with a View in the Hudson Valley

What better way to enjoy the sweeping Hudson Valley's views than with a locally brewed beverage? Here are 16 places to hit if you're in search of a fun day in the Hudson Valley.

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers

Breweries with the Best Eats

The Hudson Valley has a great reputation for creating some of the most delicious and creative beers in New York State. But something else to note is the quality of the food that you can enjoy at some of the Hudson Valley's finest breweries. Check out 6 of our favorite brewery eats throughout the Hudson Valley!

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers