Parents hoping to grab the hottest present for Christmas this year may already out of luck.

If you haven't heard of Fingerlings yet, you will very soon. They're the toy every kid will be asking for this Christmas, but finding them may prove to be extremely difficult, especially here in the Hudson Valley.


Fingerlings are little robotic monkeys that cling to your finger and respond to touch in different ways. Patting their head will cause the Fingerling to blink their eyes, move their head and make lots of different noises including laughs, giggles and even farts.

Currently the toys are sold out at every Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and Gamestop in the Hudson Valley. After speaking with managers at various locations, none of them knew when or if they would even get them back in stock. While you can find some Fingerlings available online, be careful. Third party sellers on Amazon and Ebay are reportedly passing off cheap knock-offs as real Fingerlings.

A. Boris

Authentic Fingerlings are made by WowWee and retail for $14.99, but are currently listed at double to triple the price on the secondary market. For those who spent hundreds of dollars on Hatchimals last year, grabbing a grossly marked-up Fingerling doesn't seem as bad, but bargain shoppers may have a hard time coughing up $50 for a little plastic monkey that farts when you pat their head.

If you happen to see a Fingerling here in the Hudson Valley, let us know. We'd love to find out who eventually gets them in stock first (and how long they last before they're all sold out again.)