Do you prefer to stay in historic hotels or newer resorts? History buffs can visit the Hudson Valley to explore its landmarks and sleep in some of the historical sites around.

Some Hudson Valley towns date back to when they were named differently than they are today. For instance, Rhinebeck, NY is what we currently refer to this Dutchess County town as but in the past, it was known as Kipsbergen, NY.

The oldest intersection in America can be passed through in Ulster County, NY. You may have visited this road before and didn't even realize its historical influence.

While the Hudson Valley is known for its rich history, it can also be referred to as having some of the coziest towns as well. Two Hudson Valley towns were highlighted for being the coziest in America.

Recently, two Hudson Valley hotels were highlighted in a National Historic list, can you take a guess?

What Is The Historic Hotels Of America Organization?

Two Hudson Valley hotels can be found on the list of the Historic Hotels of America.

The Historic Hotels of America

"is the official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation for recognizing and celebrating the finest Historic Hotels. Historic Hotels of America was founded in 1989 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation with 35 charter members."

There are over 300 historic hotels that are included in Historic Hotels of America. They are located within the United States which includes 44 states. The Historic Hotels of America also have Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia hotels on the list as well.

"Historic Hotels of America is comprised of mostly independently owned and operated historic hotels. More than 30 of the world’s finest hospitality brands, chains, and collections are represented in Historic Hotels of America."

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How Can Hotels Be Recognized To Be On The List Of Historic Hotels Of America?

Canva, Facebook, Historic Hotels of America
Canva, Facebook, Historic Hotels of America

Historic Hotels of America shared that, in order for a hotel to be nominated and also selected for membership, it would have to be at least 50 years old. The hotel must also,

"has been designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark or listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places; and recognized as having historic significance."

What Two Hudson Valley Hotels Were Highlighted In This Historic National List?

Canva, Facebook, Bear Mountain Inn
Canva, Facebook, Bear Mountain Inn

Ulster County and Rockland County hotels are on the list of Historic Hotels of America. It's possible that you or someone that you know have stayed at these resorts before.

Those who want to escape the business of life often visit this fan-favorite stay in the Hudson Valley. With beautiful views, great reputations and on-site activities to take part in, these hotspots continue to attract visitors from different states.

Mohonk Mountain House Is On The List Of Historic Hotels Of America

Historic Hotels of America recognizes Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY as a historic hotel of America.

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They share information about Mohonk Mountain House

"Albert Smiley to create Mohonk Mountain House as a resort where guests could renew body, mind, and spirit in a beautiful natural setting. Now, over 150 years later, it is still owned and operated by the Smiley family. "

This Victorian castle sits on 1,200 acres with beautiful views of the Hudson Valley. Mohonk Mountain House is an award-winning resort that is eco-friendly. 

"A U.S. National Historic Landmark since 1986, Mohonk Mountain House is truly among the most historic hotels in America."

Bear Mountain Inn Is On The List Of Historic Hotels Of America

Historic Hotels of America recognizes Bear Mountain Inn in Tomkins Cove, NY as a historic hotel of America.

They share information about Bear Mountain Inn,

"The historic Bear Mountain Inn is the centerpiece of a unique park system that stretches from the edge of New York City through the Hudson Valley. As one of the earliest rustic-style lodges built to take advantage of a natural setting, Bear Mountain Inn is a fabulous contemporary of the great National Park lodges."

Bear Mountain Inn shared that its resort is known as the

“finest examples of rustic Adirondack architecture in America '' upon its opening in 1915. It's fascinating to learn that park employees used all natural materials to help construct the Bear Mountain Inn.

The Bear Mountain Inn closed for six years in 2005 in order to perform renovations and restore details of its history. There are over 20,000 square feet available for event space on site.

Have you ever been to Mohonk Mountain House or Bear Mountain Inn before? Would you visit either one of these hotels on the list of Historic Hotels of America? Tell us more below.

The Only Way To Catch All of These 5 Sites Along The Hudson River

How Can You Experience The View Of All of These 5 Sites Along The Hudson River?

Spending time outdoors in the Hudson Valley is one of my favorite things, I also enjoy exploring different attractions and new experiences.

I took part in the Hudson River Cruises Sunset Cruise out of Ulster County, NY. Being on the Hudson River, seeing historical sites and soaking in the fresh, summer air was uplifting.

This is the only way that history buffs, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can experience these 5 sites along the Hudson River.

Take a look at what can be experienced along this cruise.

Sneak Peek at Highly Anticipated Hudson Valley Museum

A New Museum Will Open In The Catskills Featuring Hollywood's Biggest Stars

The Borscht Belt Museum will open in Ulster County,NY. This allows for the history of the Borscht Belt to carry on in the Hudson Valley.

While celebrities in the past visited the Borscht Belt region, there will be more involved in the community when this museum opens in 2025.

Fran Drescher And Fellow Celebrities Will Sit On A Hudson Valley Museum Board

Fran Drescher is a celebrity that almost everyone likes. Known for her role as Fran Fine in The Nanny, the world couldn't help but laugh at her jokes, statements, and relatable interactions with other members of the show.

According to Yahoo News,

Fran Drescher isn't the only celebrity who will be in the Catskills.

"The museum’s list of advisory board members includes Fran Drescher, Harvey Fierstein, Judd Hirsch, Robert Klein and Richard Lewis — a fitting cast for a place where some of the nation’s top comedians got their start."

Have You Ever Heard Of The Borscht Belt?

"For generations of Jews in the New York metropolitan area, there was no doubt about the location of those “mountains.” Less than 100 miles from the cramped, sweltering tenements of Manhattan’s Lower East Side was a lush patchwork of forests, farms and bustling rural towns that hosted a summertime population of nearly a million urban strivers hungry for the clean air, fresh food and familiar camaraderie that even a garment worker or cab driver could afford."

Spending the summer in the Catskills sounds ideal.

"From the turn of the 20th century to the 1970s, more than 1,000 hotels, bungalow colonies, summer camps and boarding houses dotted the Catskill Mountains of southern New York. At first they came by train, and later, by bus and car along The Quickway, now known as Route 17."

Some may know this area or region to be called Solomon County, Jewish Alps or The Mountains. The Borscht Belt was also another term that most people remember the most.

 How Can You Visit The Borscht Belt Museum In Ellenville, NY?

I took a day trip to the Borscht Belt Museum in Ellenville, NY. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a humorous sign stating "Come in and schmooze, free admission".

When I entered the museum, I was greeted by a volunteer. I was able to walk around and see memorabilia from the different resorts of the Borscht Belt region and community.

I was also told that this museum is a pop up for now, they will continue to change the set up as well. 2025 marks the year that the Borscht Belt Museum will officially open.