I love a three day weekend. I was lucky enough to have one over President’s Day. You get back to work on a Tuesday, and then it’s Wednesday and you’re already halfway to the weekend. And for someone like me, a three day weekend is a life changer. It means I get to enjoy both Saturday and Sunday.

I know there are people who can make their weekend last right up until they go to bed on Sunday night, with no thought of Monday morning. As much as I’d like to be, I am not one of those people. Even when I was a little kid, something would happen on Sunday afternoon. A sadness would come over me. Even though I was a good student and I didn’t hate school, I still dreaded Monday mornings. It still happens. I need to know that my work for Monday morning is done before I go to bed on Sunday night. And it just hangs over my head and ruins my Sunday. 

But on a three day weekend, I  just love Sunday. I feel so free and happy. And you would think that Monday would be my new day to get depressed, but for some reason it doesn’t happen. Maybe it’s because I know the weekend is only four days away. 

I know there are other countries and some US companies that have moved to a four day work week, but I’m pretty sure my corporate and local bosses would not be on board with this idea. So I’ll never bring it up, but it’s sure nice to dream. And the weekend is right around the corner.

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