Before you know it the leaves will start falling and the weather will change.

With the weather change we usually see an influx of deer in the Hudson Valley. We're used to seeing them all year round and I don't think any of us would necessarily consider deer majestic creatures.

However, one Hudson Valley college has been visited by a pretty unique deer. SUNY Ulster shared a photo over the weekend of what they are calling their "white deer."

After a little research it looks like the deer is actually called a "piebald" deer. They're not albino deer, but according to NY Antler Outdoors piebald deer don't have the pink eyes and noses like the albino deer do. Piebald deer also may have one or a combination of the following:

  • bowing of the nose (Roman nose)
  • short legs
  • arching spine
  • short lower mandible
  • internal organ deformities

Take a look at the photos that were posted on the SUNY Ulster Facebook page below:

Ilene Cutler
Ilene Cutler
Ilene Cutler
Ilene Cutler

We reached out to SUNY Ulster  and they reminded us that "there is no hunting on campus grounds."

After many commenters on the post worried about the hunting of these unique deer SUNY Ulster responded in a post:

"For those who are concerned about the deer’s safety on campus: Possession or use of a firearm on college property is a felony pursuant to the NYS Penal Law, with exceptions for law enforcement, educational training, and educational exhibitions by permission of the President."

Have you ever witnessed a deer like this before?