Have you heard of the term "Gold Star Family?" What does it mean? Is there a difference for what a Gold Star Family is and a Blue Star Family? Scroll down as those both will be explained, as well as, how you can support both of them in the Hudson Valley.

Have you ever served in one of the United States Armed Services? Thank you for your service. You more than anyone else know the support needed to other service members and their families.

What is a Blue Star Family?

President Biden Visits Arlington Cemetery For Services Honoring Veterans Day
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A Blue Star Family is one that has lost a member of their immediate family (a service member) during an act of conflict. This is a loss that no one wants to be faced with. 

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What is a Gold Star Family?

Modified Military Funeral Honors Are Conducted In Arlington National Cemetery
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A Gold Star Family is one that has lost an immediate family member (while they were serving) during a time of conflict.

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What can you do to honor these special families here in the Hudson Valley? You can recognize the sacrifices that their family member made, and also to be ready to lend a helping hand to do community service work in their name. There is a Hudson Valley chapter of the Gold Star Families. While there wasn't a website listed, there was an email address to get further information. vallen720@hotmail.com.

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These dogs can also be trained to help returning service members, how can you help this school which is Top Dog in the United States? 

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