It's likely that many areas of the Hudson Valley will see frost and freezing conditions this week.

With many people already planting outdoor flowers and vegetables, unseasonably cold temperatures headed toward the Hudson Valley could prove to be disastrous. It's just the latest in a wacky pattern of weather that continues to surprise us with curveballs.

If you remember, back in the beginning of April we were hit with a massive heatwave that shot temperatures into the upper 90s. That unseasonable heat spell was short-lived as temperatures fell again, followed by what seemed like a whole month of rain. The strange weather conditions weren't just confusing to us. Fireflies, which traditionally come out at the end of June, have already been spotted around the Hudson Valley in May.


Just as the temperatures have begun to level out, another strange pattern is going to shake things up for Hudson Valley residents this week. According to the National Weather Service, we should expect to see extremely cold temperatures on Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Overnight lows are expected to be right at 31 degrees in Poughkeepsie by 5 am.

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Frost can occur when temperatures fall below 36, which is possible throughout the entire Hudson Valley region on Thursday morning. While it most likely won't stay cold enough for freezing conditions, car windshields may be covered in frost and delicate outdoor plants could be damaged. Experts suggest bringing potted plants into garages or covering them overnight to avoid exposure to frost.

Luckily, the cold weather won't last long, as overnight lows are expected to return to the upper 40s by the weekend.

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