Whether you carry a gun or not, it’s a smart idea to learn about gun safety. In this day and age, more and more people are owning guns, and it’s important for everybody’s safety that those people know exactly what they're doing with those weapons. It's also just a good idea to be familiar with firearm safety.

Phoenicia Fish and Game Club on Route 28 in Mount Tremper is hosting a free handgun safety/permit course tomorrow, March 3, from 5PM - 9PM. The class is being run by the Arms Traders of America Training Division. There is no minimum age to attend the safety course, there will be no firearms in the classroom, there is no need to own a gun to attend this safety course, and there is no requirement to apply for a permit if you attend the course. That’s a $250 value for free.

Even if you have nothing to do with the firearms, it’s a great idea to attend this free course just to learn firearms safety. People attend this course for several reasons including for a permit, for knowledge about firearms, to learn firearms safety and as a refresher course. It’s a perfectly safe class, and you have nothing to lose.

All CDC guidelines will be followed during the course, masks will be required the entire time, and for everyone’s safety only limited seating is available. You must register to take the 4 hour course. For more information about the Handgun Safety course, visit the Phoenicia Fish and Game Association website.

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