An old Sears store is getting a second chance.

Sears is just one of the many companies that have been forced to close stores and cut jobs across the country. The Gap, Macy's, Toys R Us and other big chains have been shuttering stores, abandoning real estate and leaving communities with an excess of empty buildings.

Marketwatch says gyms and grocery stores may wind up being the cure for those huge, abandoned superstores. And that's exactly what's happening in Middletown. In March, Gold's Gym announced that they would be taking over a portion of the Sears store in Middletown. This month, the gym will finally open, breathing new life into a building that would otherwise lie empty.

According to a recent Facebook post, construction on the Middletown Gold's Gym is almost complete. The indoor track is being installed this week, which is the last thing that needs to be built. After that work is complete and inspections are done the gym will finally be able to open their doors.

Gold's Gym has been slowly taking over failed business across the country. Recently they've opened up health clubs in an old Barns & Noble, a closed Circut City and even an empty Linens N Things store.