This pilot may be in a little bit of trouble. A single-engine aircraft, which had originally taken off Saturday from Middletown, NY was intercepted by a military jet fighter the following day near the Pennsylvania-Deleware border. Now, this was certainly not what this pilot expected to see that Sunday afternoon when they took off. What was going on?  It appears the pilot may not have realized the President was in town for the weekend and had flown into a area they shouldn't have.

MSN says that President Biden happened to be visiting his home outside Wilmington, DE that particular day, and the small aircraft had violated Presidential airspace. A U.S. Secret Service spokeswoman said the flight entered restricted airspace after 1 PM Sunday. A NORAD fighter then intercepted the plane per protocol and fired flares to steer the pilot out of the restricted area. CNN says the pilot had not been in contact with air traffic controllers Sunday. FlightAware shows that the craft took off from Ocean City Municipal Airport about an hour earlier that day. CNN says the pilot finally landed at New Garden Airport in Toughkenamon, PA after being directed away from the restricted space.

MSN says that when Biden is visiting his home in Greenville, a no-fly zone will cover most of northern Delaware, northeastern Maryland, southeastern Pennsylvania and the portions of south New Jersey. It is not known what exactly the pilot was doing in Ocean City last weekend, or if they had any idea that the President was in town at his home. It may have just been an innocent mistake. Still, the pilot could be in some hot water. The FAA says that the penalties for violating restricted airspace can be quite severe, as pilots can face suspension or loss of their license.

Well, at least this guy wasn't on board at the time. That could really have been a problem.

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