Viewers of the hit Fox game show Beat Shazam may have spotted a familiar face recently.

Beat Shazam is an American television musical game show which premiered on Fox in 2017. The show is hosted by Jamie Foxx, who is also an executive producer on the show along with Jeff Apploff (who created the show with Wes Kauble).

Build Presents Jamie Foxx Discussing His New Game Show "Beat Shazam"
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How is Beat Shazam Played?

Three teams of two players each compete through four rounds (five in season 1) to identify a series of songs, banking money for each correct answer. After the fourth round (fifth in season 1), the highest-scoring team plays head-to-head against the Shazam app, attempting to increase their winnings by naming up to six songs before it can identify them. Any team that beats Shazam on all six songs wins the grand prize of $1,000,000.

Beat Shazam uses the Billboard Hot 100 music chart as its only source for song titles.

Joe Mason Facebook
Joe Mason Facebook

Familiar Hudson Valley Face On Beat Shazam

One my best friends since childhood, Carmel, NY native and current Fishkill resident Joe Mason made an appearance with his friend Kendel from Bayside, Queens on the Fox game show Beat Shazam recently in Season 7 episode 4. The two met while working for Metro North Railroad. The season premiered on May 28. Joe Mason appeared with his friend Kendel as they tried their luck at 1 million dollars.

Nicholette Hails YouTube
Nicholette Hails YouTube

How Did the Team Do?

Unfortunately for Joe and Kendel, they didn't fare too well, getting eliminated after the second round and going home with nothing. The team had $2,000 on the board, but last place gets no money. Watch the full episode below.

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Joe said it was an amazing experience. The pair flew to Ireland for the taping and had a great time meeting and spending time with their fellow contestants. He hopes to be invited back for a redemption episode in the future.

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