You may have wanted to be a cowboy or cowgirl when you were growing up? Maybe you've dressed up as one for Halloween at some point?

One New York state man dressed up as a cowboy caused a bit of a stir when he entered a Walmart store Sunday. Local officials say the store had to be briefly evacuated even.

But it wasn't so much his cowboy getup that alarmed some locals though. It appears some mistook a fake prop gun he was carrying for a real one, according to officials.

New York State Man in Cowboy Costume Causes Brief Panic 

New York Upstate says that police were called to a Walmart in the town of Seneca Sunday, when reports came in that a man with a gun strapped to his leg had entered the store. Seneca Falls Police Chief Timothy Snyder told the Democrat & Chronicle that the store was evacuated.

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Once the store was evacuated, police reviewed security footage and searched the store. Once they finally caught up with this "gunslinger", Seneca Police said they determined his gun to be fake. According to NY Upstate, the man was wearing the costume and fake gun as part of a bit for local Old West event that had been going on earlier that day.

Once this was sorted out, the Walmart reopened and customers resumed their daily shopping. Seneca Falls Police reminded the public to “exercise caution and consider the potential impact of their actions, even in the context of costumes or themed attire.”

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