Talk about a real Bozo. Police are on the lookout for some clown who knocked up a gas station in New York state early Wednesday morning. Authorities say the suspect is female, has a pale white face, orange hair, and has a really big red nose. Yes, the suspect we're describing was dressed as a clown. This story might not be suitable for those who suffer from coulrophobia.

New York State Police say the robbery happened early Wednesday at a Circle K gas station in Verona. Troopers say the suspect went up to the counter and brandished a weapon, before making off with an unknown amount of cash during the heist. Officials also pointed out that the clown was wearing all black and is around 5 feet tall. No word if authorities have checked any of the town's local sewer drains for red balloons or any other clues.

Criminals can get pretty creative with their disguises sometimes. In late 2015, a man dressed as Darth Vader robbed a convenience store in Tonawanda. Then, you had this more indecisive thief, who was dressed as both Batman and Captain America when he stole beer from a store in Salamanca in 2016. Or, how about the guy dressed as a werewolf who robbed a salon in Rockland County? A little closer to home, was this Dunkin' Donuts in Washingtonville that was robbed by "Iron Man" in early 2016.

One of the all time weirdest get ups however, came from a bank robbery in New Hampshire in 2007. Business Insider said a man entered the bank dressed as a tree. Yeah, this really happened. 

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