The Hudson Valley is an area that is known for its spectacular views and scenery. As Fall begins the scenery is only going to become even greater. With that said, I thought it would be great time to focus on a particular portion of the vast Hudson Valley....

Bear Mountain State Park

Bear Mountain State Park is one of my favorite areas here in the Hudson Valley. First and foremost, its local. As kid Bear Mountain was a favorite place to visit just like it is now, all it took was a quick drive up route 9W heading towards the Palisades Parkway. The park resides along the western bank of the Hudson River, peeking out from the surrounding mountains. Bear Mountain is FULL of attractions to keep any body of any age entertained all day long.

Bear Mountain Bridge
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Things to do at Bear Mountain


The Zoo

The Look of Love
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I feel like it'd be wrong of me not to mention maybe the most obvious part of Bear Mountain first. Bear Mountain Zoo is home to numerous different animal exhibits. Everything from reptile and amphibian exhibits, to foxes and coyotes, bald eagles and yes of course, the Bears. It's also worth noting that the animals in captivity at Bear Mountain are animals who have all been previously injured or hurt in some way that would make it impossible for them to survive on their own out in the wild. It doesn't take any money to enter the zoo, however donations are always appreciated.

Black Bear Wildlife in North Carolina Mountains
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   The Views and History

In addition to the zoo, Bear Mountain also holds not one, not two, not even three, but four different museum's. The Geology, Nature Study, Reptile/Amphibian and Fish and lastly the History museum. Within the museum's, you'll be able to learn about everything from the history of the region, which dates back to the American Revolution to the history of the Hudson Highlands and what it was like during early mining days. Youtube Youtube

Bear Mountain also has much more. There are hiking trails, in addition to biking, cross-country and for the winter skiing trails. At the top of the mountain you'll find yourself at Perkins Memorial Tower. When or if you make the trek to the tower and the top of the mountain, you'll be greeted by some of the greatest views the Hudson Valley can offer. It is at this point you'll be greeted with incredible views of the park itself, while also being able to look out over the Harriman and Hudson Highlands areas. These areas with weather permitting are open from April through November.

The Inn

Lastly, I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the Bear Mountain Inn. The Inn at Bear Mountain is phenomenal to say the least. It is the perfect venue for parties and getaways, especially weddings. I say that having been to a wedding there and it was unbelievable. The food in the restaurants is mouth wateringly delicious. In addition the Inn also holds a variety of different packages that includes shopping and spa trips. I'd strongly encourage anyone to visit the sight to check it out for yourselves.

If these are not enough reasons to check out Bear Mountain, then I suggest everyone take a trip themselves and enjoy everything else the park has to offer.

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