An attempted robbery was foiled Monday night by one heroic store employee who wasn't about to take any crap from anyone.

CBS is reporting that a man brandishing a knife entered a Dunkin' donuts in Medford, New York and demanded money. That's when a 25 year-old Dunkin' employee named Austin Minott sprang to action. Minott told CBS that the armed intruder held a younger employee at knifepoint. ABC says they were motivated by the simple "Get out of my Dunkin!"

He said basically just like that, ‘give me the money or I’m going to stab you or her or both of you.

Austin reiterate to the 61 year-old attacker, "I said, 'No, you gotta get outta my Dunkin!"

Luckily for Austin, his brother just happened to pass the store and saw the battle in the parking lot. The brother was to intervene until a customer pulling in saw the ordeal and called 911. That's when police arrived.

I know everybody is saying it’s a heroic thing I did, but nah, these two girls are young, they are in high school, they got their whole life ahead of them.

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