New data shows that the Poughkeepsie area has the largest increase in home sales for the entire country.

Redfin reports that 2017 is poised to be the fastest year for the housing market on record, with housing sales and prices showing major gains. That's great news for sellers who seem to have the upper hand as homes are being purchased quickly at high prices.

Poughkeepsie NY saw the largest increase in home sales in the country with 41% growth over the same time period from last year. Baltimore, MD and Camden, NJ rounded out the top three. Further north, Buffalo saw the largest declines in home sales, dropping 23%

Overall, the housing market is very strong, but home buyers should be prepared to move quickly. Because there is less inventory and more demand, sellers are getting top dollar and closing deals quickly.

Redfin suggests getting pre-approved for a home loan before shopping around. This will help move along the process and avoid someone else swooping in with a better offer. Also, you'll want to be prepared for a bidding war. Looking at homes under your budget will give you some wiggle room to bid higher if your dream home winds up being someone else's choice too.