Well, this escalated quickly.

After a night of drinking in Poughkeepsie, a man found himself standing in Grand Central Station dressed from head to toe as a clown.

The unnamed Hudson Valley man was discovered by Humans of New York, a Facebook group that documents the real-life stores behind those anonymous faces you see on the streets of New York City every day.

According to a post from Thursday, the Poughkeepsie resident didn't plan on walking around Grand Central dressed as a clown. After partying in Poughkeepsie, the man says he "somehow ended up at the train station." Then he found himself riding down to New York City on the 4 am train with $200 in his pocket. After spending $60 on some food and Bloody Marys, the man stumbled into Party City.

That's where a clown wig caught his eye.

After buying the wig the man picked up some suspenders. a bow tie, balloons and other accessories to complete the outfit. With a few dollars remaining, the Poughkeepsie man headed out to find some shoes.  Somewhere on his way back to Grand Central, the clown lost his red nose. But thanks to another half pint of Seagram's.he purchased along the way, we imagine his nose wound up being a bright shade of red anyway.

With just $10 left to his name, the clown was last seen trying to figure out how he was going to get back to Poughkeepsie.

Most people would agree that this was a long day filled with one bad decision after another. But, perhaps the Poughkeepsie clown learned a lesson from his crazy journey. He ended the interview with Humans of New York with some clarity, stating " I need to stop drinking."

We couldn't agree more.