Someone catch that dog!

A tiny chihuahua, who reportedly escaped from his home, was spotted running down a busy expressway in New York, according to the New York Post.

Normally, one might expect to encounter an animal such as a deer or raccoon this time of year on the roads of New York state. However, seeing a tiny dog running across one of the busiest highways in the area is not something you see every day.

Runaway Chihuahua Caught on Busy Expressway 

The New York Post says that a runaway Chihuahua named Bean was witnessed running across the Staten Island Expressway. The Staten Island Advance says that dashcam footage caught the encounter, as a number of divers attempted to assist the small dog.

One driver can even be seen putting her own vehicle into the path of oncoming traffic in an HOV lane after the scared dog ran under her vehicle and tried to escape, says the Advance.

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A number of vehicles can be seen trying to block the dog from running into traffic, as others tried to assist the animal into getting off the main road. Some can be seen getting out of their vehicles to try to chase down the dog. However, the small pup wouldn't make this rescue too easy for these good samaritans.

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The chase finally ended when a nurse from Rossville picked up the feisty dog, says the Post. Bean was returned home to safety, and was reunited with his family.

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