New York state gets a bad reputation for bad drivers. Whether you're dealing with motorists who don't know how to properly merge, or aggressive tailgaters, the area has seen its share of roadway mishaps. Then, you have people like this.

But it's also about the cost of transportation and road conditions that motorists have to contend with everyday that can make or break your commute.

A new study has weighed each state in terms of worst states to drive. And while New York state did not rank 1st overall for bad driving, the Empire State still didn't do so well according to the numbers.

Also, a neighboring state actually ranked the worst in the country.

Is New York State One of the Worst States For Driving? 

The website MoneyGeek analyzed such factors as traffic, transportation costs, safety, road infrastructure, and even weather when putting together their latest study. The study used data collected from the Federal Highway Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the U.S. Census Bureau to come up with the results.

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According to the study, New York state ranked 16th worst in the nation for driving. Believe it or not, New York actually ranked as the safest state to drive in, according to the results. However, New York did not do well when it came to cost, congestion, and infrastructure, thus the poor score.

New Jersey was the worst in the country (1st, when going from worst to least worst), according to the study. Connecticut was 12th, Massachusetts 19th. Pennsylvania 25th, Vermont 39th. Nebraska ranked best of all at 50th for states to drive in, according to MoneyGeek's findings.

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