In a recent study, the states were compared to determined which were the most gambling-addicted.

Americans lose over $100 billion a year through gambling. Some people buy lotto tickets, others bet on sports, and some like the occasional casino visit.

But when the business or pleasure gets out of control, gambling becomes a real medical condition, known as "gambling disorder". According to the Mayo Clinic, “Gambling can stimulate the brain's reward system much like drugs such as alcohol can, leading to addiction.

That addiction can lead to serious economic consequences. As a result, gambling addicts develop a high tendency to amass even more debt, suffer from other health issues, lose their jobs, strain their relationships or even commit crime.

Wallethub compared the 50 states to determine where gambling addiction is most prevalent.The states were compared across 20 key metrics ranges from presence of illegal gambling operations to lottery sales per capita to share of adults with gambling disorders.

Gambling Addition in New York:

  • 29th - Casinos per Capita
  • 30th - Gaming Machines per Capita
  • 6th - Lottery Sales per Capita
  • 43rd - % of Adults with Gambling Disorders
  • 12th - Gambling-Related Arrests per Capita
  • 1st - Legality of Daily Fantasy Sports
  • Legality of Sports Gambling




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