UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley are receiving extra scrutiny as investigators look into some credible claims.

You may think that people who believe in little green men from Mars are a bit, ahem, eccentric. But more and more people are taking local claims of UFO sightings seriously.

We spoke to Chris Deperno from a national organization called MUFON. the Mutual UFO Network consists of scientists, investigators and UFO enthusiasts who look into claims of unidentified flying objects. According to Deperno, the Hudson Valley is a hotbed of activity.

An investigation is currently underway in Orange County where witnesses claim to have seen a triangle of lights hovering over a lake. MUFON says that credible sources reported that barrels were dumped from the craft into the water before the object disappeared. Deperno and his organization has a team of divers ready to jump in to search for the barrels if his investigation turns up more evidence.

Recent Hudson Valley UFO activity has even made mainstream news. This week CBS interviewed Deperno and UFO witnesses in Pine Bush.

If you're interested in learning more about local UFO activity, the annual Pine Bush UFO Fair is taking place this Saturday, May 18 in Pine Bush. MUFON will be on hand to hear claims of sightings and there will be lectures from authors and UFO believers.  Aside from educational activities, the day will also be filled with fun. Families can participate in the alien beauty contest, kid activities, games, pop-up street performance and more. Full details are listed on the event's website.

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