We all remember the senior prank. It was kind of like a rite of passage. Well, a somewhat outlandish prank at a Connecticut high school has landed a few students in hot water. The CTpost is reporting that two students from Westbrook High School were barred from graduation, and will not walk, after they got busted for hanging fake penises from the roof line of the school.

Superintendent of Schools Patrica Ciccone is especially not amused. In fact, she does not consider it a prank at all. Ciccone describes in disgust the multiple fake “male appendages” that were hanging from the school along with some sort of sign covered in “...a very thick, sticky kind of goop part of the whole statement.”

Ciccone said the appendixes could have only been hung if someone were to have accessed the roof, which, she says, is a potentially dangerous area. Ciccone went on to mention the "incredible realm of incivility" concerning the incident, and even longed for the simpler days of senior pranks, where students would put a For Sale sign on the front lawn of the school, or maybe dye the water in the drinking fountain green.

CTPost says the students have been suspended for 5-10 days as the investigation continues.

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