The Hudson Valley experienced severe weather last week that left thousands without power. Now, the National Weather Service is explaining what touched down in Ulster County.

Powerful storms swept through parts of Ulster County back on Wednesday night, July 13th. Severe thunderstorm warnings were put in place and touched down in Ulster leaving a path of destruction. Fallen trees and power lines caused Kingston Mayor Steve Noble no choice but to declare a local state of emergency on July 14th, 2022.


The National Weather Service writes:

A tornado touched down near Hurley Avenue (Route 29) between Davis
Street and Hillside Drive. The tornado moved southeast to just west
of the NY State Thruway crossing a subdivision where it uprooted
and snapped trees, displaced a car canopy and removed some shingles
from a house. Many homes were damaged by fallen trees. Aerial
photos showed a swath of downed trees from a second vortex which
moved along the northeast edge of the subdivision.
The tornado, according to the National Weather Service, traveled 2 miles west of Kingston. In addition to the tornado, there was also a reported Macroburst. The National Severe Storm Laboratory defines a Macroburst as an  "outward burst of strong winds at or near the surface with horizontal dimensions larger than 4 km (2.5 mi) and occurs when a strong downdraft reaches the surface."
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The Macroburst traveled 9 miles west of Kingston and caused a line of

downed trees along Lapla Road and surrounding streets. It has been reported that 2 trees fell on cars during the intense weather in Ulster County as well as many uprooted and snapped trees across Route 209.
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