The youth of today is smart. Really smart. And so tech savvy. They’re very up on today’s issues. And they have to struggle everyday with very real dangers that we didn’t have to deal with when we were kids. So why on earth are they creating these stupid challenges on social media? And I mean stupidly dangerous. Potentially deadly.

Let’s start with the Tide Pods. That was a big thing not too long ago. Kids were eating them. They’re poisonous. This would seem obvious, but who knows? Maybe some kids thought is was harmless.

Let’s move on to the scalding water challenge. This one is where kids pour boiling hot water on either themselves or a friend. Sometimes a sleeping friend. Really? What kid hasn’t learned that boiling water will burn you? I mean, these are teenagers. How can they possibly think this will end well?

Finally, just last week it was in the news that some kids are doing the “pour a flammable liquid on myself and light it up” challenge. Are you freaking kidding me? How stupid is this? Do they really think that by some miracle they are going to get through this unscathed?

Aren’t you supposed to win something when you take on a challenge? These aren’t challenges. These are, for all intents and purposes, suicide attempts. These are challenges that can change a life in an instant. If not take a life.

For one of the smartest generations ever, they sure are stupid. I wish somebody would challenge these kids to have the guts to stop all of these stupid challenges.

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