A couple of brave Hudson Valley tourists sprung into action to help a man who had been stabbed in Chinatown.

The Daily News reports that Shelagh Sweeney and Zach Bundschuh were visiting New York City from the Hudson Valley when they instinctively sprung into action. The two Kingston residents were touring Chinatown when they noticed a commotion on the street. It turned out to be a stabbing.

On Monday at around 8:15 am a man in his 60s was stabbed near the intersection of St. James Pl. and James St.  Blood was spurting from his neck as people frantically called 911 for assistance. Sweeney and Bundschuh happen to be EMTs, so their instincts kicked in and they immediately raced over to help.

Bundschuh put pressure on the victim's neck to try and stop the bleeding. The 25-year-old's clothes were streaked in blood as he and Sweeney helped keep the victim alive until paramedics could make it to the scene.

Just as the man lost consciousness, paramedics arrived and were able to revive him. The victim told authorities that he was stabbed by a man that he knew. Police are investigating the incident.

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